Executive Search

As a retained executive search firm, The K12 Search Group provides a full service approach to finding the best candidate for the position. Our rigorous search process includes all the services listed below. When you retain The K12 Search Group, you can expect us to:

  • Meet with key stakeholders to define the responsibilities of the role, identify key attributes of the ideal candidate, and evaluate organizational culture and hiring team personalities to better understand the type of candidate who will be most successful.
  • Create the position description.
  • Provide a competitive analysis of compensation and establish a compensation range for the position.
  • Develop a search strategy to identify potential candidates and a list of target organizations; create a list of places to post and advertise the job.
  • Post and advertise the position; query our extensive database and conduct external research for potential candidates.
  • Conduct aggressive outreach into the marketplace, approaching both top sources and potential candidates inside and outside of our network.
  • Screen qualified candidates by conducting telephone and face-to-face interviews, either in person or by videoconference.
  • Present a slate of vetted finalists to the client.
  • Manage scheduling of check in calls and interviews.
  • Facilitate a full day of in-person candidate interviews with the client.
  • Maintain constant dialogue with active candidates, keeping the client apprised of any potential issues or conflicts that surface with candidates.
  • Conduct thorough references of the finalist, including both references provided by the candidate as well as informal firm contacts from within the sector.
  • Provide advice on the compensation package and offer negotiation.
  • Verify college degrees and employment.