Our History

Mollie Mitchell founded The K12 Search Group in 2007 in response to a need for quality executive search services from the growing education reform sector. Through her work at The Broad Center, Mollie became very knowledgeable and passionate about the K-12 sector. More importantly, she recognized firsthand the importance of recruiting great talent in order to scale high-performing organizations so that they can have greater impact. Mollie felt that this knowledge, combined with her years of an experience as an executive recruiter, made her uniquely qualified to address the recruiting challenges faced by the sector.

Since creating The K12 Search Group, Mollie has worked with over 100 charter school operators, funders, and other education reform nonprofits around the country to help them recruit senior-level talent into their organizations. In 2009, she relocated The K12 Search Group from Los Angeles to Austin so she could be more centrally located to serve her national client base. In 2010, she hired her first full time staff member, and in 2011, she brought on additional recruiters in Philadelphia and Austin who continue to work exclusively for The K12 Search Group.