Our Core Beliefs

  • The retained executive search model offers a highly engaged, thorough and consultative process that is necessary to fill most C-level positions in any organization.
  • Every search is unique as all organizations have key inherent differences such as size, stage of growth, geographic location, strategic direction, core academic philosophy, and organizational culture.
  • There are no shortcuts to the search process. Engaging in a retained executive search means committing to find the right person for the role, no matter how long it takes. Typically, this is a four to six month process.
  • Great candidates do not typically come from job postings. Great candidates are found through strategic and repetitive outreach.
  • The client is the hiring manager, and s/he must commit to being fully engaged in the search process. When the search is for a CEO, the client is the board or a subset of the board. The process is most effective when the client and search consultant work collaboratively as thought partners.
  • A good search consultant can deliver much more than good candidates. S/he can provide insight into the talent marketplace, industry trends, and even issues within the organization that may limit its ability to attract great talent.
  • We run lean and with less overhead than our competitors, enabling us to offer a more affordable fee to our nonprofit clients.